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The European Institute for Innovation Through Health Data

The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is a European, not-for-profit and neutral organisation facilitating the optimal (re-)use of health data to accelerate research and improve healthcare. In order to maximise the potential of health data, with respect to the citizen, i~HD collaborates with all stakeholders through six core streams:

  • Quality of Health Data
  • Information Governance
  • Trustworthy Health ICT Systems
  • Data Interoperability Standards
  • Quality Labels: Certificates & Seals
  • Scaling-up the Health Ecosystem

To achieve these goals, i~HD’s activities include:

  • Working across stakeholders through education and conferences to promote collaboration
  • Playing a strong role in national and international Research & Development projects and European-wide collaborative initiatives
  • Developing practical methods and solutions
  • Developing international quality certificates, seals and labels

Role in the project

  • Scientific co-lead for the project
  • Lead of WP3 focused on assessment criteria relating to data protection, data quality, interoperability and cybersecurity
  • Lead to develop the sustainable repository of evidence and guidance to HTA assessors
  • Contributing to stakeholder engagement activities