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Technische Universität Berlin

The university is an outstanding center of science where ideas for the future are being developed. The TUB places significant importance on developing science and technology for the benefit of society and conducts interconnected research at the highest international level into fundamental principles and their applications. Six key application areas, including ‘Digital Transformation’ and ‘Human Health, Humanities, and Educational Science’ form the framework of these activities along with the Clusters of Excellence approved by the federal and state governments in the Excellence Strategy. One of TUB’s foremost tasks is to explore and shape technological and societal change using interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches. The university is committed to the principle of sustainable development, which tackles contemporary challenges without further burdening future generations. The Department of Health Care Management at TUB is committed, among other things, to driving forward HTA activities for (digital) technologies to support decision-making at various levels of healthcare systems.

Role in the project

TUB is leading work package 2 (Taxonomy of DHT for assessment purposes, methods review and gap analysis) and will study the current landscape of assessment methods and frameworks, critically assessing their strengths and weaknesses and identifying existing gaps, and develop a comprehensive and evidence based DHT taxonomy that will enable innovative products to navigate a suitable path through the assessment framework to be developed in the project. In addition, TUB is participating in work packages (WP) 1, 4, 5, and 6.