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Dresden University of Technology

TUD Dresden University of Technology is one of the largest Universities of Technology in Germany and is among the leading and most dynamic universities in the country. With 17 Faculties across five Schools, it offers a widespread range of 119 degree programs and covers a broad spectrum of research. Its focuses on Life Sciences, Quantum Materials, Microelectronics, Tactile Internet, Materials Science, Data-Intensive and Digital Sciences, Circular Economy and Societal Change are considered exemplary across Europe.

Role in the project

As the leader of work package 5, TUD-MK3 will rigorously test the assessment framework through a unified case study methodology, showcasing its durability and practicality. This framework is deliberately designed to facilitate and integrate input from a broad array of stakeholders.
TUD-EKFZ will provide input across multiple work packages contributing towards goals encompassing compliance with regulation, cybersecurity, and assessment of digital health tools within the ASSESS DHT project.